Stampaggio matrici

Realizziamo matrici anche di grandi dimensioni.

Siamo in grado sia di partire dalla rilevazione laser 3D di una superficie che di elaborare progetti grafici nuovi o basati su foto, disegni e progetti.

Le nostre matrici, realizzate con pantografi CNC, vengono rigorosamente rifinite a mano.

Creazione tamponi

Rigeneriamo tampono usurati e creiamo nuovi tamponi partendo da un modello o da un disegno.


Realizziamo manualmente la finitura antistrappo e creiamo pezzi speciali quali london, battiscopa, gradini.

Altre lavorazioni

• Fresatura CNC
• Rettifica in piano
• Incisioni 3D e 2D
• Incisioni su metalli


I nostri macchinari


Aggiorniamo costantemente il nostro parco macchine per offrire ai nostri clienti soluzioni di altissimo livello:

• 2 rilevatori laser
• 8 pantografi computerizzati per incisioni fino al formato 1300x2000mm
• 2 rettifiche tangenziali fino al formato 1300x2000mm
• 6 centri di lavoro CNC fino al formato 1600×2000 mm

  • Macchinari
    tecnologicamente avanzati e di grande formato
  • L’ampio parco macchine ci permette elevate velocità di esecuzione
  • Effettuiamo manualmente le rifiniture per ottenere una altissima qualità

Review of the Best Online Casinos in Romania

According to Romanian Internet gambling laws, online casinos are legal. Romania has a favorable legal framework that attracts both online casinos and players.

In Romania, you can enjoy online gambling from the comfort of your home. Especially since online casino sites have become more common in recent years. Locals have a wide variety of Romanian online casinos to choose from.

Looking for the best online casinos in Romania? On this page, we rate and review the safest and most reliable online casinos in Romania.Below is a comprehensive list of online casinos in Romania, selected by our industry experts.

Online casinos in Romania

Romania is a European country with a thriving gambling market. We are happy to report that both online and offline gambling is legal in many forms. Thus, you can find dozens of land-based casinos and many reputable online casinos for your gambling needs. Romanian online casinos are licensed by the government, which ensures top-notch security standards and frequent inspections of online casino operators. Global brands such as 888 are well represented in the Romanian market, but there are many other casinos as well.

These casinos boast hundreds of games and provide players with many reliable payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, customers can enjoy gaming sessions on their mobile devices.

To learn more about gambling in Romania, read on. You can also browse through our lists of online casinos in Romania to find a list of the most trusted brands, thoroughly vetted by our review team.

How we choose the best Romanian online casinos

Every online casino that is in front of our review team goes through a thorough vetting process. We put ourselves in front of our players and make sure to provide all the information we need before making a deposit. This is not to say that we are obsessed with praising casinos just for the sake of it. The bad sides get just as much attention as the good. This will allow you to make an informed decision about whether an online casino is right for you.

As you read below, we will give you an idea of our review process. We will cover the most important aspects in our online casino reviews and tell you what you can expect from a regular Romanian gambling site.

Mobile casinos in Romania

In the current era of smartphones, I think we can safely say, “The future is NOW.” These seemingly marvelous devices are having an incredible impact on our daily lives, and casino gambling can’t escape its far-reaching cognition.

Internet casinos have exploded in popularity, but mobile casinos have come to dominate in the blink of an eye. As smartphones became more common, online casino operators were forced to adapt in order to survive. Those without mobile support are long gone, and those with mobile optimization can sleep easy knowing they won’t lose half their customers.

How are Romanian casinos doing in terms of mobile support? The answer: great. Currently, there is no online casino that accepts Romanians without at least a mobile-optimized website Many also offer their own apps for Android and iOS devices, but they are more of a luxury than a necessity.

Mobile casinos for Romanian players offer hundreds of mobile slot machines, table games and even live casino games, just to name a few of the outstanding categories. Nevertheless, players can expect a full gaming experience on the go. Specifically, mobile casinos boast customer support via chat and email, the ability to deposit and withdraw, and other important casino features.

Moreover, Romanian customers should expect a stable and 100% stable connection to casino servers most of the time. This is because the country has excellent 4G LTE coverage, with estimates showing at least 75% coverage through Romania’s major network operators. It is also estimated that at least 60% of the country has a smartphone, meaning more than 11,000,000 citizens.

The most popular devices in Romania are Apple and Samsung products. IPhone 7, iPhone X, Galaxy S8 and S7 lead in terms of daily use, while Huawei P20 Lite is the only non-Apple/Samsung product in the top 10. Thus, not only do Romanians have excellent access to mobile casinos, but operators are also encouraged to offer their mobile services to players from the country because of the fast access to the network.

History of gambling in Romania

Romania has a long history of gambling, which goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. That’s when the famous Romanian national lottery was founded. Lotteries remained legal throughout the 19th century. In 1990, the new Romanian government legalized land-based casinos.

A year later, in 1991, the first legal brick-and-mortar casino opened. The 2000s saw the rise of online casinos and a complete switch to gambling by players around the world. Romania quickly followed suit and attempted to legalize sports betting in 2003.

The country legalized online gambling in 2010, but they did not form a regulatory body for online gambling. This created a gray market, as casino operators had no place to get a license. Nevertheless, Romanians enjoyed visiting and gambling on online casino sites for years.

In 2013, the National Gaming Bureau (ONJN) was created, and online casinos were now required to purchase an ONJN license or were forced to leave the market. The government introduced tax refund payments to operators who had previously served Romanians, and there were immediately strict new rules for obtaining a license.

Today, the Romanian gambling market – both offline and online – is relatively healthy. Players have plenty of options regarding regulated gambling venues, and operators adhere to strict rules to ensure fair play and first-class security standards.

In the future, we expect the Romanian gaming scene to grow and improve. Online casinos are already legal and many world-renowned operators have a Romanian license. At the moment, the high taxes for operating online casinos in the country are the main deterrent for new entrants to the market. If the government reduces these monetary requirements, we expect even more market competition.

The best games for Romanian casino players

Romanian players have the luxury of choosing between an almost unlimited selection of casino games. Historically, Romanians have never had a strict preference for a particular casino game. Therefore, the average player enjoys a variety of gambling games and skills.

  1. Black Jack;
  2. Roulette;
  3. Poker;
  4. Slot machines;
  5. Live Casino Games;
  6. Baccarat;
  7. Scratch Cards;
  8. Bingo.

Romanians are also big soccer fans, and the sports betting scene in general is very active in the country. Fortunately, there are many sportsbooks to choose from in the online marketplace. Some are affiliated with casinos and have the same account balance, which provides a seamless switch between casino gaming and sports betting.