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Founded at the beginning of the 1970s and currently located in Via Sant'Andrea in Sassuolo, Mp Incisioni was first set up to work in the market of reliefs and engravings and eventually extended to working in rubber coating of pads and the manufacture of dies with numerical control machines and laser reading.
An impressive evolution, in line with the technological adaptation of the ceramics industry.
Mp Incision has a Graphics Centre for the research, creation and development of images: from a photo, a tile, or an idea you can pass to the development of an image to be engraved onto the die and the printed onto the rubber pad.
This can be done with any relief, even for creation of the most complex special items. Continuosly development through the progressive strenghtening of its productive capacity, Mp Incisioni also began dealing in resin pads and manufacture of plaster samples.
the company provides consultancy serveces to its clients for any problems and guarantees the exclusive rights to its product. The short working time required, thanks to continuous organisational development based on maximum praticality and efficiency, must be highlighted.

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